Thursday, March 16, 2017

Vintage Inspired Sunnies Case

Last week a co-worker asked me if I'd make her a sunglasses case. She had one that I made a few years ago, but she couldn't find it. As I've got an abundance of these frames (and I'm not lacking in fabric) I told her just to give me an idea of what she wanted. She sent me a picture of some fabric where she liked the colors, and told me that she had loved the case for two reasons: one, it fit her glasses perfectly, and two--the old-fashioned look of the fabrics I had used reminded her of her mother.

On Tuesday, we had a Nor'easter-blizzard sort of thing that wasn't all that, but still earned me a snow day off of work (thank goodness it wasn't more--the bit we got was so heavy it felt like I was shoveling concrete). It was a fabulous day for a quick and satisfying sewing project.

I bought this fabric several years ago down on Fabric Row, and still have a decent bit of it left. I love the vintage folk art look of it, and I had some scrappy pieces perfectly sized for this.

That there is always my favorite view of a frame purse--it makes me think of a giant (albeit oddly-shaped) fish mouth. I was conflicted over if I wanted to use the bronze frame I used, or if it should have been silver. My instinct was silver, but I was soundly outvoted (and thank goodness for that--the bronze is just right).

This was also, without a shadow of a doubt, the most perfect gluing job I have ever done. I don't think I had a speck of ooze anywhere, and I didn't have to use any of the vast supply of bad words I know to coax the purse neatly into the frame channel. I dropped this off to its recipient today, and she absolutely loved it (which always makes me feel good).

On a geeky side note--do you know how difficult it is to find a recipe book? I've been acquiring some recipes lately that have been working out quite well, and I want to organize them beyond the pile of printouts I have (or scribbled notes). Everything I found was either not cute enough, didn't have what I had predetermined to be enough room on the page, or was bound in a style that would not lay flat for easy viewing while cooking. But in one of my favorite places (Target's stationery aisles) I found a mini 3-ring binder, some paper, and some inserts. So I'll just make my own. I am stupid excited to sit down with colored pens and transcribe my recipes into this cute binder. Although I'm thinking I should have also bought the plastic sheet protectors because I'm a bit messy...

In case anyone is wondering, I used to get ridiculously excited for new school supplies, too. To be perfectly honest, I still would. Not my fault--they shouldn't make things so stinkin' cute.


  1. I adore that sunglass case. It's the ultimate retro case. SWOON! I appreciate how you have the patience to do the glueing of the frame, I barely have the patience for 'sew in' ones!

    1. I'm the opposite--I have little patience for the sew-in kind (probably because hand-sewing is not high on the list of things I do well).

  2. That is a really sweet glasses case. I am glad to see bags and cases, again.
    I love stationary, too. My score this week was a pack of 3 Frixion pens for half price! No Target here, but Walmart has good deals, too.

  3. I'm wondering where you got the pattern and frame? Could you share? Thanks!

    1. The pattern is from u-handbag. It doesn't look like the version I used is available any longer (I bought it years ago), but there is a sew-in version that is very similar. The frames I ordered from Etsy, as I was able to buy them in small bulk there.

  4. That is so cute! Love the shape and love the fabric. Bronze was definitely the right choice!



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